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Program List by Title

Below is an alphabetical list of available ISBA FastCLE programs showing approved MCLE.  Click here to view a list of seminars organized by subject area. Click a program title to view included topics and begin watching today! 

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*Eligibility to earn MCLE credit for this program expires two years from the program date below; therefore, attorneys must view and certify credit within this two-year period. This expiration date is applicable for all formats (online streaming, CD-ROM, podcast, Audio CD, and DVD)
On-Demand Programs
Illinois State Bar Association Approved CLE Credit
  Total General MCLE Hours Including Professional Responsibility
10 or More Things You Can Do With the Software You Have 1.00 1.00
13th Annual Environmental Law Conference 9.75 1.50
1st Annual Elder Law Bootcamp: Basics and Beyond 11.00 2.25
2012 Federal Tax Conference 6.50 1.00
2013 Cyberlaw Symposium 6.00 1.00
2013 Immigration Law Update: Changes that Affect Your Practice and Clients 1.00   
2014 Federal Tax Conference 6.50 1.00
2014 Traffic Case Law and Legislative Update: Changes That Affect Your Practice and Clients 0.75   
5 Proven Ways to Renew, Restore, and Revive Your Practice…Starting Monday 0.75   
5th Annual Animal Law Conference 7.00 0.75
8th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference – 2012 41.50 22.50
9th Annual Solo and Small Firm Conference - 2013 43.75 17.75
A Day in the Life of a Mac-Using Lawyer 1.00 1.00
A Primer on Administrative Law and Rulemaking 11.75   
Acrobat Pro for Power Users 1.00 1.00
Advanced Workers' Compensation 5.25 1.00
Advanced Workers' Compensation - 2014 5.00 0.75
Advanced Workers' Compensation - Fall 2012 4.75   
Advising Providers - The Future of Healthcare Reimbursement 3.75   
Advising Your Client on Selection of Business Entity 1.00   
After the Fiscal Cliff: Roller Coaster or Merry Go Round? Addressing Income and Transfer Tax Issues 1.00   
Alternative Billing Practices 1.00 1.00
America Invents Act - Part 1: Protecting Innovation in a First to File System 2.75   
America Invents Act - Part 2: Navigating the New Patent Office Proceedings 2.75   
An Introduction to Illinois' New Tax Tribunal 2.00   
Animal Valuation LIVE Webcast 1.50   
Apple v. Samsung: Is this the Patent Case of the Year? 1.75   
Arbitration Under The Federal Arbitration Act: A Primer 1.75 1.75
Are You Mac-Curious? 1.00 1.00
Are You Ready? The New Directed Trusts and Decanting Statutes 1.50   
Baby Boomers, The Age Wave, and the Commoditization of the Practice of Law: How to Survive the Storm 0.75 0.75
Bankruptcy and Consumer Finance: New Critical Takeaways for General Practitioners 1.00   
Bankruptcy: Interaction of Bankruptcy and Divorce 1.00   
Basic Estate Planning Bootcamp 6.25   
Basics of Adoptions 1.00   
Basics of Consumer Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 & 13 1.00   
Basics of DUI/Traffic Laws 1.00   
Basics of Personal Injury Litigation 1.00   
Be Careful What You Ask For: Tips for Real Estate Practitioners in Buying and Selling Condominium or Community Association Properties 1.00   
Bullying and School Violence: Issues and Best Practices 6.25 0.25
Bullying: Latest Trends, Developments and Legal Remedies 2.75   
Business Entity Choices for Law Firm Organization 1.00 1.00
Buying and Selling a Law Practice 1.00 1.00
Cannabis is Coming to Town: A Guide to Local Government Regulation Under Illinois' New Medical Marijuana Laws 1.00   
Changes to the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9: Is Your Business Client in Compliance? 1.75   
Child Custody and the Military Family 6.00   
Child Custody Litigation: Techniques for Trying a Custody Case from Rehearsal to Closing 7.75 7.75
Children and Trauma: A Guide for Attorneys 0.75 0.75
City Dogs: Dog Complaints, Shootings, and Other Issues Arising in Urban Environments 1.75   
Civil Practice and Procedure Update - 2013 5.25   
Civility in the Courtroom 3.00 3.00
Cloud Tools for Solos and Firms 1.00 1.00
Collection Issues You Don't Know About…But Should 5.50   
Consumer Bankruptcy Issues 0.75   
Corporate Legal Ethics 4.00 4.00
Criminal Dispositions without a Conviction! 0.75   
Criminal Law Update 0.75   
Criminal Law: Back to Basics 5.50 0.50
Crowd Funding 101 0.75   
Cutting Off the Third Branch: Court Funding and Access to Justice in Illinois and Beyond 1.00 1.00
Dealing With Difficult Clients 1.00 1.00
Deconstructing Delinquency 6.00   
Deep Impact: How Technology Raises New Concerns for Privacy, Self-Incrimination, and More 1.00 1.00
Digital Assets in Estate Planning 1.50   
Document Assembly Magic - Effective Use of Document Assembly 1.00 1.00
Domestic Relations Update and Social Media Entanglements for the Family Lawyer 1.00   
Drug Case Issues and Specialty Courts 4.00   
DUI & Traffic Law Update - Fall 2012 3.75   
DUI and Traffic Law Updates - 2014 5.00 0.50
DUI and Traffic Law Updates - Fall 2013 5.25 0.50
DUI, Traffic, and Secretary of State-Related Issues - 2013 Spring Update 6.50   
DUI/Traffic Law: Impact of Drugs and Alcohol on Your Client's Record - Arrest to Expungement 0.75   
E-Discovery in Litigation 5.50 5.50
Emerging Health Care Delivery Models 3.25   
Employment Law: It's a Date... Spot the Issues and Know Your Deadlines 0.75   
Employment Law: Overview for Business Clients 1.00   
Essentials of Estate Planning: An Overview of Estate Planning Tools 0.75   
Estate Administration Boot Camp 6.00 0.75
Estate Planning: Hot Topics 5.50   
Ethical Considerations of Guardians Ad Litem 0.75 0.75
Ethics Fables: The High Cost of Not Playing By the Rules 2.00 2.00
Everything a Lawyer Needs to Know about Representing a Firefighter or a Police Officer before a Pension Board 2.75   
Evidence-Based Sentencing: What Every Illinois Lawyer Needs to Know! 6.00 1.00
Evidentiary Foundations and Admitting Social Media, Email and Other Digital Evidence 0.75   
Evidentiary Issues 1.00   
Exempt Offerings: Regulation D to Crowd Funding 2.50 0.50
Experts Exposed: Expert Practice in Federal Court from A to Z 1.50   
Family and Consumer Law Pro Bono Bootcamp 6.00 0.75
Family Law: Top 10 Mistakes in Divorce Settlements 1.00   
Family Law: Your First Divorce 1.00   
Federal and State Tax Update, including Estate Taxes 1.00   
Fiduciary Risk and Ethical Challenges for Fiduciaries and Their Advisors 1.75 1.75
Financial Statements: Yours and Your Clients 1.00   
Foreclosures 1.00   
Foundations, Evidence and Objections: Before Trial, During Trial, On Appeal, or After a Settlement LIVE Webcast 4.00 0.50
Fracking in Illinois: Facts and Myths Explained 6.00   
Fundamentals of Education Law: An Attorney's Role in Discipline Proceedings, IEPs, and Obtaining Other Services 1.00   
Game On: What's Happening in the Illinois Gaming World 1.75   
General Practice Update 2013: Quincy Regional Event 6.25 0.75
Getting Paid in Commercial Cases: Fee Arrangements from A to Z 1.00   
Getting the Most Out of Outlook While Avoiding Malpractice Risks 1.00 1.00
Going Paperless in the Real World 1.00   
Guardianship Boot Camp 6.25 0.75
Guns in the Workplace: Workers, Unions, and Employers LIVE Webcast 1.50   
Health Care Planning with Advanced Directives 1.00   
Health Care Reform for Small Employers 1.00   
Hot Topics for Senior Lawyers 0.75 0.75
Hot Topics in Agricultural Law - 2013 6.00 0.75
Hot Topics in Employment Law 1.00   
Identifying Intellectual Property Issues in Start-ups 1.50   
Illinois Sales Tax Sourcing: Did The Hartney Fuel Oil Co. Opinion Change Your Sales Tax Rate? 2.00   
Illinois Sentencing - Statutory and Case Law 5.50   
Income Tax Consequences of Debt Modification in Bankruptcy 0.75   
Insurance and Surety Bond Issues for Construction Projects - Fall 2013 6.75 1.00
Insurance Coverage Issues for the General Practitioner 2.00   
Insurance, Surety Bonds, and Bankruptcy Issues for Construction Projects 6.00 1.00
IOLTA Accounts Made Simple and Malpractice Insurance Risk Management 1.00 1.00
iOS and Android: How to Use Mobile Devices in Your Practice and Understanding the Apps You Need 1.00 1.00
iPad for Lawyers 2.50 2.50
ISBA Basic Skills- For Newly Admitted Attorneys 6.25 6.25
ISBA Solo & Small Firm Practice Institute Series: Tech Tips and Tools to Transition to the Solo and Small Firm Setting LIVE Webcast 5.75 5.75
Kanban and Trello for Attorneys 1.00 1.00
Landmines in Opening Your Own Practice: What You Should Not Do 1.00 1.00
Law Firm Marketing Strategies in a Social Media World: Connecting with Clients, Prospects and Referral Sources on LinkedIn and Facebook 0.75 0.75
Lawyers as HIPAA Business Associates 1.00   
Legal Issues a New Lawyer Should Know: Traffic, Estate Planning and Law Office Management Basics 4.00 2.00
Legal Trends for Non-Techies: Topics, Trends and Tips to Help Your Practice - 2013 3.00 3.00
Lender Liability: Exposure and Defenses 1.00   
Limited Scope Representation: Unbundling Your Practice 1.00 1.00
Litigating, Defending, and Preventing Employment Discrimination Cases: Practice Updates and Tips Concerning the Illinois Human Rights Act 5.25 1.25
Litigating, Defending, and Preventing Employment, Housing, and Public Accommodation Discrimination Cases: Practice Updates and Tips Concerning the Illinois Human Rights Act 3.50 1.00
Look Ma, No Hands: Speech Recognition and Digital Dictation for Everyday Use 1.00 1.00
Managing E-Discovery When Resources are Limited 1.75 1.75
Marketing and Networking Strategies 0.75 0.75
Medical Cannabis in Illinois 1.75   
Medical Malpractice 6.25   
Medicare and Its Impact on Tort Practitioners 2.00   
Mental Health Law: Some Basics and All That's New 5.25   
Microsoft Office 365 1.00 1.00
Mobile Security 1.00 1.00
More Issues for the Local Government Attorney 3.75 0.75
Mortgage Foreclosure: Case Law Update 2013 1.00   
Municipal Animal Ordinances 2.00   
National Healthcare Reform and Its Effect on Illinois Employers and Health Insurance 2.75   
Navigating the New Closing Landscape in Real Estate 0.75   
Navigating the New Medicaid Laws 1.00   
Navigating the Residential Foreclosure Maze - 2013 7.00 2.00
Nuts and Bolts of Illinois Foreclosure: Hammering Out the Foreclosure Process 0.75   
Of Counsel Relationships: Ethical and Legal Considerations 1.00 1.00
Pet Trusts and Power of Attorney for Pet Care 1.00   
Post-Windsor: What's Next for Employee Benefit Plan Administration? 0.75   
Practical, Technological, Financial, and Ethical Tips for Running Your Own Practice 1.75 1.75
Practice Advice for Mom and Pop Company Chapter 11s 5.25   
Practicing in Juvenile Court: What to Expect, What to Do, and How to Help Your Clients 7.00 7.00
Privacy and Security: Online Marketing and Other Hot Topics 3.00   
Privacy Breach Notification and the New HIPAA/HITECH Regulations 1.50   
Pro Bono Potpourri: Assisting Clients in Several Practice Areas 2.25   
Protected Health Information (PHI): Formerly Known as Medical Records 0.75   
Real Estate Closings 1.00   
Real Estate Law Update - 2013 5.00   
Recent Developments in Insurance Coverage Law 2.25   
Recent Developments in State and Local Tax 3.25   
Recent Developments in State and Local Tax - 2014 3.25   
Reducing Risks and Managing Mayhem: Recognizing and Managing Clients with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems 0.75   
Responding to Government Investigations in Health Care 4.00   
Security and Encryption Tools for Mobile Devices 1.00 1.00
Self Care for Attorneys 1.00 1.00
Setting Up a Corporation 1.00   
SETTLE IT! Resolving Financial Family Law Conundrums 7.00 7.00
Settling FLSA and Wage Claim Cases: What You Need to Know 1.50   
Short Sales in Today's Current Real Estate Market 1.00   
Small Claims and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 1.00   
Social Media and Litigation 3.75 2.75
Social Media, E-Mail and Digital Evidence: From Discovery to Trial 1.00 1.00
Social Security and SSI Disability Law 6.00 1.00
Solving the Workers' Compensation Math Problem: How to Calculate the Average Weekly Wage 1.25   
Starting a Law Firm on a Budget 0.75 0.75
Staying Out of Trouble: Avoiding Sexual Misconduct and Mismanagement of Client Money 2.50 2.50
Storyboarding at Trial 1.00 1.00
Successfully Navigating Civil Litigation Evidence and Theory involving Topics of Expert Testimony 5.25   
Succession Planning: Managing the Transition 5.75 0.75
Technology and the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct: How Not to Commit Malpractice with Your Computer 1.00 1.00
Ten Things Judges Wish You Knew About Legal Writing 1.00 1.00
The Alphabet Soup of Social Security and Medicare Law 0.75   
The Basics of a Criminal Sentencing Hearing 0.75   
The Basics of the Americans with Disability Act 3.00 0.25
The Demise of .com - New Generic Top Level Domain Names: What Brand Owners Need to Know 0.75   
The Frugal Firm 1.00 1.00
The Happy Lawyer: The Path from Stress to Wellbeing 0.50 0.50
The Illinois Legislative Process: What Every Attorney Should Know 1.25 0.75
The Intersection of Basic Estate and Life Care Planning with Elder Law 0.75   
The Intersection of Social Media and the Practice of Law 2.75 2.75
The iPad Litigator 1.00 1.00
The New Medicaid Rules in Illinois 1.50   
The New Requirements for Your Health Insurance Plans 0.75   
The Nuts & Bolts of Opening a Law Practice 1.00 1.00
The One Thing a Solo Practitioner Can Do to Reduce Their Disciplinary or Malpractice Risk 0.75 0.75
The PDF/Paperless Office 1.00 1.00
The Practice of Practicing Law - PART ONE: The Economics of Starting a Law Practice 1.00 1.00
The Practice of Practicing Law - PART TWO: The Business Side of Starting a Law Practice 1.00 1.00
The Role and Reach of Government's Independent Inspectors General 1.75 1.75
The Student & Parent Side of School Law 6.00 1.00
The Wizard of Mac 1.00 1.00
Time Management Tips for the Practicing Attorney 0.75   
Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Family Law 1.00   
Tort Law: Back to Basics 6.25 0.50
Transfer on Death Instruments: The Good, The Bad, and the Potentially Ugly 1.00   
Transitions, Economics and Ethics - Ready or Not! 3.25 1.25
Traveling Employees and Workers' Compensation 1.00   
Trial Practice Series: How To Prove (or Defend) Your Case 6.00 0.75
Trust Accounting and the New Rules: QuickBooks and Staying Out of Trouble Using Software for Trust Accounting 1.00 1.00
UCC Article 9: Now and After the Amendments 1.00   
Virtual Representation: Trust Modifications by Agreement 1.50   
What Every Lawyer Should Know about Intellectual Property 5.75 0.50
What Real Estate Attorneys Should Know: Residential and Small Business Leases and Estate Planning/Administration 5.25 1.00
What You Need to Know About E-Discovery 1.00 1.00
Your First Car Accident Case 0.75