Newly Admitted Attorneys

DID YOU KNOW that the MCLE rules – adopted by the Illinois Supreme Court and administered by the MCLE Board of the Court – establish a 15-hour accredited MCLE requirement for newly admitted attorneys, allowing you to choose from the following compliance options described in S. Ct. Rule 793:
  • (a.) A 6-hour Accredited Basic Skills Course PLUS 9 additional hours of MCLE credit (of your choice); OR
  • (b.) Participation in a year-long Mentoring Program approved for 6 credit hours by the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism PLUS 9 additional hours of MCLE credit (of your choice); OR
  • (c.) A 6-hour Basic Skills Course PLUS Participation in a year-long Mentoring Program approved for 6 credit hours by the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism PLUS 3 additional hours of MCLE credit (of your choice).

Satisfy your 15-Hour Illinois Supreme Court newly admitted attorney MCLE requirement with the ISBA – for free!

As a complimentary ISBA member* during your first year of bar admission, you can select your compliance methods through the ISBA at no cost!  ISBA offers the following options:

1. Basic Skills 6-hour online course -- Take advantage of ISBA’s online Free CLE member benefit and jump start your new legal career with ISBA’s outstanding course designed to equip you with the information you need as a new Illinois attorney. The program is available through ISBA's online FastCLE store.

2. Mentoring - Enroll in ISBA’s year long Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring Program for 6 hours of MCLE credit. The program begins annually each January.

3. Online Programs - Satisfy the remaining hours of your 15-hour requirement with with your ISBA Free CLE Subscription on our 24/7 online FastCLE store at

For even more quality education as you begin your practice (and the opportunity to network with ISBA members), attend most live, on-site ISBA Law Ed programs for only $25 as an ISBA member during your first three years of bar admittance. Visit our online calendar for a complete list of available live programming options.  

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