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Presented by the ISBA on 12/8/11

Jump start your new Illinois legal career by viewing this outstanding Basic Skills six-hour course that’s designed to equip you with the information you need as a new Illinois attorney, as well as help you begin to fulfill your Illinois Supreme Court Newly Admitted Attorney requirement (S. Ct. Rule 793). Our faculty of high-profile attorneys and judges offer insights, tips, and advice on the issues you face in your practice. 

Topics include: 
  • Mistakes to avoid; 
  • Tips for writing briefs; 
  • Handling incivility and disrespect by opposing clients, counsel, and judges; conducting your practice with honesty and integrity; 
  • Recognizing common ethical pitfalls and conflicts of interest; 
  • Handling career stress; choosing a practice area; 
  • Conducting legal research online; 
  • Identifying the benefits and risks of technology; 
  • The Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct; and much more. 

The program closes with an entertaining presentation by nationally recognized speaker and attorney, Sean Carter, examining legal ethics through the lens of humor!

Program Speakers:
Karen Conti, Adamski & Conti, Chicago
Hon. Susan F. Hutchinson, Illinois Appellate Court, 2nd District, Woodstock
Hon. Julie K. Katz, 20th Judicial Circuit Court, Belleville
Hon. Ronald D. Spears, 4th Judicial Circuit, Taylorville
Michael J. Flaherty, Flaherty & Youngerman, P.C., Chicago
Mary Robinson, RobinsonNiro, LLC, Chicago
Hon. Leonard Murray, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago
Sarah E. Toney, The Toney Law Firm LLC, Chicago
Jean M. Wenger, Cook County Law Library, Chicago
Paul A. Osborn, Ward, Murray, Pace & Johnson, P.C., Sterling
Catherine Sanders Reach, Law Practice Management & Technology, Chicago Bar Association, Chicago
Sean Carter, 2011-2012 ISBA President, Amari & Locallo, Mesa, Arizona
John G. Locallo, 2011-2012 ISBA President, Amari & Locallo, Chicago

Program Information
Program Date:
December 08, 2011
Judicial Grounds: Perspectives from the Bench
Looking back at your collegiate and law school experiences, you're bound to remember the nuances of your many professors - like fingerprints, no two were exactly the same! Although judges are equally as diverse, there are a few things they all seem to agree on, so don't miss this program. Topics include: mistakes to avoid, civility, brief-writing tips, persuasive arguments,
and more!
Speaker Information
Karen Conti   [ view bio ]
Hon. Susan F. Hutchinson   [ view bio ]
Hon. Julie K. Katz   [ view bio ]
Hon. Ronald D. Spears   [ view bio ]
Planting the Seed of Integrity: Ethical Dilemmas & Common Mistakes to Avoid
Someone once said that mistakes can be as good a teacher as success - which is only true if you turn your mistakes into a learning experience (or learn from the mistakes of others!). This program examines some of the common mistakes made by new attorneys and explores some of the best ways to deal with them once they've occurred. Using the framework of the new Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, our panelists discuss common issues you may encounter with clients, supervisory attorneys, and opposing counsel. The importance of being prepared and conducting your practice with honesty and integrity (as well as the potential consequences when
you don't) are also examined.
Speaker Information
Karen Conti   [ view bio ]
Michael J. Flaherty   [ view bio ]
Mary Robinson   [ view bio ]
Your New Legal Career
Now that you're an official Illinois lawyer, how will you develop your professional skills? Join us for some insider tips on how to pursue various legal careers and improve your professional skills as an attorney along the way. Panelists from a variety of legal positions share how they made their professional choices and show how sometimes what appears to be a mistake may lead to new opportunities. Program topics include: challenges for new attorneys (such as recognizing common ethical pitfalls and conflicts of interest); where to turn for guidance; handling the stress of a legal career; settling on an area of practice (or transitioning from one you hate); and much more!
Speaker Information
Karen Conti   [ view bio ]
Kenneth P. Dobbs   [ view bio ]
Hon. Leonard Murray   [ view bio ]
Sarah E. Toney   [ view bio ]
Effective Legal Research
Get the information you need on the best legal research resources available to new attorneys! Learn how to find forms, conduct searches, get free information, and much more. Particular emphasis is given to using multiple formats for cost and time-effectiveness. The current state of web-based information is also discussed, as well as what the practitioner needs to know about online government information.
Speaker Information
Jean M. Wenger   [ view bio ]
Top 20 Tips for Satisfying Your Clients
Satisfying your clients is the key to keeping the clients you have and obtaining new ones along the way. This presentation explores the top 20 ways to make your clients happy - from returning phone calls and dealing with conflicts, to maintaining accurate records and training your staff.
Speaker Information
Paul A. Osborn   [ view bio ]
Ethics and Technology
Technology provides great benefits for attorneys, including highly efficient workflow,
unprecedented access to information and rapid, cost-effective communications. Most lawyers, however, do not consider the great risks that technology creates for the practicing attorney. This session identifies those risks and shows you how to address them before launching into the latest and greatest in technology.
Speaker Information
Catherine Sanders Reach   [ view bio ]
Legal Ethics is No Laughing Matter
Bashing lawyers is quickly becoming America's favorite pastime. But, why? Is it because the typical layperson is jealous of our intellect, incomes and good looks? Master Series presenter, Sean Carter, America’s Humorist at Law, suggests that while this may be true in his case, there may be other factors at work, as well. In this presentation, Mr. Carter uses the topic of lawyer jokes and whether they have any basis in fact to explore why and how lawyers adhere to the rules of professional conduct.
Speaker Information
Sean Carter Esq.   [ view bio ]
Social Media Networking - The World's Newest Business Card
Learn some basic tips on using popular social media networks to your benefit in the practice of law.
Speaker Information
John G. Locallo   [ view bio ]
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