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Presented by the ISBA Health Care Law Section

As health care attorneys, we represent a number of groups working within the health care system - from hospitals and physicians, to practice groups and allied health professionals. Because of this, it is important that we understand the multi-faceted existence of health care delivery options. Attorneys who attend this half-day seminar will: 
  • Better understand how emerging health care delivery models are developed and implemented, including accountable care organizations, retail clinics, and on-site clinics;
  • Recognize the challenges facing emerging health care delivery models;
  • Learn about the impact the Affordable Care Act and other recent developments have had on them; and
  • Discover some of the risks, benefits, and pitfalls in operating or establishing a care center that follows one of these models.
Program Coordinators:
Jonathan B. Loiterman, Lowis & Gellen LLP, Chicago
Rick L. Hindmand, McDonald Hopkins LLC, Chicago

Program Moderator:
Rick L. Hindmand, McDonald Hopkins LLC, Chicago

Program Information
Date Presented:
April 19, 2013 8:45 AM Central
Program Location:
ISBA Regional Office
Chicago, IL
3 hours, 45 minutes
Regulatory and Scope of Practice Issues: Mid-Level Practitioners
This segment discusses the increasing role of mid-level practitioners, as well as the legal challenges facing those who operate (or seek to operate) practices incorporating mid-level practitioners, such as physician assistants and advanced practice nurses. The discussion also includes a look at licensing and corporate practice of medicine considerations.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Heather M. Ast   [ view bio ]
Daniel Kelber   [ view bio ]
Kristine L. Nagy   [ view bio ]
Retail Health Clinics and Employer On-site Health Centers: Innovative Health Care Delivery Models for Patients, Employers, Payors, and Plans
With more than 700 locations throughout the country, Walgreens is the largest and most comprehensive manager of work site health and wellness centers and in-store convenient care clinics. This presentation is lead by Walgreens' in-house health care counsel and provides an overview of these innovative health care delivery models and how they can provide convenient access to care and cost savings during an era of growing national need for quality health care services. The presentation also includes a discussion of various legal considerations that impact these health care delivery models.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Marcelo Corpuz   [ view bio ]
Bryan Schneider   [ view bio ]
Amy Shappert   [ view bio ]
Clinical and Organization Integration in Accountable Care Organizations
With the rapid expansion of the Medicare Shared Savings Program over the past two years, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) have become a more familiar player across the health care landscape. The speakers for this session include an attorney who represents ACOs and a physician-administrator of an ACO - both of which provide their perspectives on the challenges afforded by the Medicare Shared Savings Program. The speakers draw upon their experiences in developing and implementing a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO to address a variety of relevant issues on a legal, clinical and operational level.

Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Steven F. Banghart   [ view bio ]
Dr. Gary Wainer   [ view bio ]
Themes and Strategic Issues in Emerging Health Care Delivery Models
This session provides a more global perspective on emerging health care delivery models, including historical developments, trends, and themes within the regulatory and legal environment as they affect retail clinics, on-site clinics, and ACOs, as well as the threats and opportunities that these models present to more traditional health care delivery systems. 
Speaker Information
Lawrence E. Singer   [ view bio ]
Q&A: A Panel Presentation
Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and/or discuss some of the issues highlighted by the speakers throughout the seminar. Web attendees are welcome to participate by typing questions and comments via the Q&A tab on their webcast screen.
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Illinois State Bar Association
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