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 Presented by the ISBA Intellectual Property Section

Learn more about the legal issues your entrepreneur, founder or startup client needs to be aware of!

Do you represent a startup? Has your client attempted to complete legal work without counsel? Does your business client have a logo or branding issue needing IP protection? Does your client ask you how to balance disclosrure of information with protecting themselves through confidentiality agreements? Is your client coming to you for labor and employment answers as their business begins to grow? If you have clients with questions such as these, then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to update your knowledge on a number of key legal areas affecting startups, entrepreneurs, and founders, including:

  • Knowing when your client needs an attorney;
  • Copyright and Trademark issues regarding logo, branding, and product descriptions;
  • Representing an inventor;
  • Patent licensing and litigation issues;
  • Applying for Trade Secret protection;
  • Geographical business expansion;
  • The privacy issues a startup must consider;
  • Navigating the political aspects of using Non-Disclosure Agreements;
  • Understanding which legal entity will best suit your startup client;
  • Labor and employment issues for the young business;
  • Unique funding and resource programs; and
  • Much more!

Program Coordinator/Moderator:Charles L. Mudd Jr., Mudd Law Offices, Chicago
Program Information
Date Presented:
May 07, 2013 1:00 PM Central
3 hours, 45 minutes
Privacy, Internet, Data Protection, and EU Considerations
This comprehensive overview examines a number of privacy issues a startup must consider - from the privacy interests in directing the products and services to the consumers, to employing individuals and expanding outside the geographical boundaries of the startup's home country.
Speaker Information
Theresa V. Johnson   [ view bio ]
Politics and Non-Disclosure Agreements: Balancing Trade Secrets with Business Development
Many entrepreneurs and startups begin with novel ideas. As such, attorneys often counsel clients to refrain from disclosure until a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is in hand; however, requests for NDAs must be timed properly: too soon, and business opportunities will quickly evaporate; too late, and your client's ideas may find themselves leaving them behind. This presentation addresses these issues and discusses how to navigate the political aspects of using NDAs.
Speaker Information
Charles L. Mudd Jr.   [ view bio ]
Choosing the Best Business Structure
All startups must determine what form of legal entity will best suit the needs of the startup and its focus. In this session, the speaker addresses important considerations in determining which entity should be employed to facilitate the startup objectives.
Speaker Information
William A. Price   [ view bio ]
Labor and Employment Considerations
Gain a better understanding of which labor and employment issues are important for your startup or entrepreneurial client to consider. Topics include: asking the right questions when trying to hire the right person for the job; documenting the terms and conditions of employment and keeping legally-required records on file; understanding exempt vs. non-exempt employees regarding overtime and complying with wage payment laws; knowing how the employment area is regulated by OSHA standards and other administrative agencies; and the consequences of failing to train managers and supervisors.
Speaker Information
Richard A. Russo   [ view bio ]
Small Business Innovative Research ("SBIR") Program
Funding and resources need not only come from angel investors or venture capitalists. This segment discusses the Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR) as a unique resource for your startup client!
Speaker Information
Alan R. Singleton   [ view bio ]
Closing: Ethical Business & Legal Practice among Startups
This brief overview promotes best practices among startups and their attorneys.
Speaker Information
Charles L. Mudd Jr.   [ view bio ]
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