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Presented by the ISBA Animal Law Section

Don't miss this opportunity to discuss the hottest topics currently under debate in the animal law arena – from the use of therapy dogs in the courts and methods for alternative dispute resolution, to animal shelter laws and some of the most high profile issues in animal advocacy, including puppy mills, farm animal welfare, and captive wildlife regulations. Attorneys with a strong interest in the growing area of animal advocacy and the practice of animal law – as well as practitioners who may find themselves with just one or two matters concerning a conflict involving animals – who attend this full-day seminar gain a better understanding of:

  • How courts across the country have implemented the use of therapy dogs;
  • Which efforts should be implemented in an effort to stop the damaging practices of some animal breeding establishments;
  • How alternative dispute resolution can help resolve animal conflicts with greater emotional comfort and stability; 
  • How the Humane Society of the U.S. has helped protect laboratory chimps; 
  • How the Zanesville incident influenced the enactment of Ohio's new Dangerous Wild Animal Act;
  • Which laws and regulations apply to the various functions of local animal shelters, all-breed shelters, and breed rescues;
  • The new developments in the farm animal arena, including egg production and swine gestation crates; and
  • The unique ethical issues and concerns an attorney may face when representing an animal law case.

Program Coordinator/Moderator:
Jane E. McBride, Illinois Attorney General's Office, Springfield
Program Information
Date Presented:
June 07, 2013 8:30 AM Central
8 hours, 15 minutes
Courthouse Dogs
Since 2003, courthouse dogs have provided comfort to sexually abused children while they undergo forensic interviews and testify in court. The dogs also assist treatment court participants in their recovery, visit juveniles in detention facilities, greet jurors, and lift the spirits of courthouse staff who often conduct their business in an adversarial setting. This segment provides a national perspective on these types of programs, as well as a comprehensive overview of Will County Children's Advocacy Center's Paws 4 Kids Pet Therapy Program in which Jackson, a therapy dog, helps victims throughout Will County.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Jackson   [ view bio ]
James W. Glasgow   [ view bio ]
Stephen F. Hedinger   [ view bio ]
Cheri Johnson   [ view bio ]
Addressing the Puppy Mill Issues: What is Being Done? What Needs to be Done?
The nationwide debate continues regarding the enactment of legislation that would raise standards of care, impose tighter controls, and provide greater oversight on problem animal breeding establishments – many of which offer inadequate exercise, poor sanitation, and minimal veterinary care. Breed rescues and animal shelters continue their efforts to convince these establishments to release the animals for rehabilitation and recovery in the animal welfare organization's care, but efforts addressing the practices themselves have yielded minimal results. Join us as representatives from the commercial pet interests and the Humane Society of the United Sates discuss the various actions each organization has undertaken – as well as measures that need to be implemented to stop the damaging practices – in an effort to find common ground to address problem breeders. 
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 1.50
Speaker Information
Dale Bartlett   [ view bio ]
Mike Canning   [ view bio ]
Jane E. McBride   [ view bio ]
Dispute Resolution in Conflicts Concerning Animals
Get the information you need regarding alternative dispute resolution methods for matters concerning animals in family disputes, housing conflicts, breeder/owner/handler relationships, and commercial service providers. The presentation is led by Debra Vey Voda-Hamiliton, an experienced litigator-turned-mediator/collaborative professional, whose mission is to treat animals as living beings, knowing that the welfare of the animal is often at stake in acrimonious situations.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Debra A. Vey Voda-Hamilton   [ view bio ]
Developments in Captive Wildlife Welfare Litigation, Regulation & Legislation
Keep apprised of the new litigation and legislative initiatives concerning captive wildlife with this informative presentation. Topics include: the Humane Society of the United State's involvement with the protection and retirement of laboratory chimps, the Zanesville incident, and Ohio's new Dangerous Wild Animal Act.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Anna Frostic   [ view bio ]
Shelter Law: Key Case Law in Broad Areas of Liability, and a Survey of Law and Regulation Applicable to Various Shelter Functions
In the last 10-15 years, there has been an explosion in the number of local animal shelters coming into existence, as well as an increase in the number and size of large urban area all-breed animal shelters (many of which follow no-kill policies and practices) and breed rescues. Attorneys are often asked to advise these shelters and rescues, but with no single resource on the law pertaining to animal sheltering, the task can be daunting. This segment looks at the laws and regulations applicable to the various shelter functions, as well as recent case law concerning a few select broad areas of liability. 
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 1.00
Speaker Information
Jane E. McBride   [ view bio ]
The Farm Animal Docket: Hot Topics in Litigation and Legislation
With rapid legal developments taking place in the farm animal arena, it is important that animal law attorneys stay up to date. Don’t miss this opportunity to examine the latest activities on topics such as egg production, animal welfare litigation and legislation, "ag gag" legislation, the challenge to California's foie gras ban, and swine gestation crates!
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Speaker Information
Joyce Tischler   [ view bio ]
An Ethics Discussion*
Unique ethical issues arise when lawyers are faced with decisions affecting their clients and their client's living, breathing "property." This practice-oriented presentation examines actual case scenarios found throughout the practice of animal law and offers an interactive aspect in which attendees are asked to make decisions based on the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct as each scenario is discussed.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 0.75
Including Professional Responsibility: 0.75
Speaker Information
Yolanda Einstein   [ view bio ]
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Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 7.00
Including Professional Responsibility: 0.75
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