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Presented by the ISBA Labor & Employment Section

Learn what is required to prepare and try a retaliation case!

Retaliation claims are on the rise in many areas of the law. What are the common ways to prove or defend a retaliation claim and what are the common evidentiary issues? Join us as experienced plaintiff and defense trial attorneys demonstrate the evidence issues, techniques, and strategies that commonly arise in the trial of an employment-related retaliation case. Attorneys and expert witnesses with intermediate to advanced practice experience who are interested in litigating retaliation claims won’t want to miss this full-day seminar. Topics include: 
  • Understanding the purpose and needs for the opening statement in a retaliation case; 
  • Keys to successful direct and cross examinations, including how to present the plaintiff or the employer, as well as strategies to refute (attack) testimony; 
  • Keys to getting evidence admitted, and objecting to your opponent’s proffers; and
  • Formulating and presenting closing arguments and common lines of argument in the closing statement.

Program Coordinators/Moderators:
Aaron B. Maduff, Maduff & Maduff, LLC, Chicago
Cathy A. Pilkington, Law Offices of Cathy A. Pilkington, Chicago

Program Information
Date Presented:
September 12, 2013 1:00 PM Central
3 hours, 20 minutes
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Direct and Cross Examination of Defense Witnesses
With the plaintiff's case-in-chief concluded, the defense either has the jury wondering what really happened or has to re-establish itself with its own presentation of the evidence. Just as the plaintiff fought to lay foundations and get his evidence admitted, the defense now has that burden. This session offers you the chance to watch as both defense and plaintiff examine/cross-examine the defendant and the defendant’s chief witness, the opportunity to participate in recognizing evidentiary objections, and a look at the principles, trial techniques, and strategy decisions in direct and cross examination of employer and witnesses.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 1.50
Including Professional Responsibility: 1.50
Speaker Information
George Galland Jr.   [ view bio ]
Aaron B. Maduff   [ view bio ]
Richard L. Samson   [ view bio ]
Closing Arguments
The jury has heard all of the evidence and even though they've been instructed to keep an open mind until the end of the trial, has probably already begun to form more rigid opinions about the case. Closing arguments give each side one final opportunity to present their arguments, to give fodder to those jurors leaning in their favor and, perhaps, argue the law in such a way as to make opposing jurors rethink both the law and their stance. You, the audience, decides who proved their case and why, and closes with a panel discussion in which closing argument techniques and strategy are examined.
Approved Credit for Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 1.50
Including Professional Responsibility: 1.50
Speaker Information
Joshua Karsh   [ view bio ]
Aaron B. Maduff   [ view bio ]
Robert T. Zielinski   [ view bio ]
Individual topic purchase: Selected
Illinois State Bar Association
Total General MCLE Hours: 3.00
Including Professional Responsibility: 3.00
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Preview Direct and Cross Examination of Defense WitnessesPreview Direct and Cross Examination of Defense Witnesses
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